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So last night...
I had a really crazy dream!
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2nd-Dec-2009 11:44 am(no subject)
I hate you
last night i had a dream....

I was Tyra Banks and I was in America's Next Top Model as a contestant. I (here forth I and Tyra Banks are interchangeable lol) was in the final two against some other hussy but god damn it I was going to win.

The camera people made me get naked and lay in a bed with some kind of weird netting stuff on me. I'll admit that I looked pretty hot because I was, in fact, Tyra Banks. In my dream I (tyra) was trying really hard to pose in positions that would hide her stomach...because in my dream she had some chub on her. So they get me (tyra) all posed in the bed and leave the room saying that the photographer will be here soon.

After about an hour of dream time the photographer comes in and drops his pants and tells me (tyra) that if I want to win I have to blow him. Being the scandalous whore that I am, I do. I notice that his penis is oddly shaped with a big lumpy area in the middle and he can't seem to keep an erection. I start to wonder if my weiner sucking skillz are failing so i take a closer look at his junk.....and a giant tennis ball comes popping out of his pee hole.

that was it. that was my shitty dream. not that wtf but this place is dead.
Last night I had a very strange dream...I only have jet lag to blame for this nonsense.

I dreamed that I was on America's Next Top Model and that I shared a bedroom with a fellow contestant...who happened to be Bruce Willis. yeah. wtf.
Anyway, one of our challenges was to design and model a dress that represented angels; their good and bad side. (In one of my classes yesterday we watched a documentary called "Angels, good or evil" lulz).

Bruce went before me and I don't know what he came up with, but apparently the judges rated everyone on a scale of 1 to 10, ten being the highest score, and Bruce got a very low score..around 2 or 3 I think. He was really sad about this and I specifically remember him sitting in bed, with his covers over him, and being really mopey. haha. In my dream I felt so bad for him and tried to comfort him by saying, "There there...I'm sure the judges really liked your dress!"

Then it was my turn to show off my outfit and my score was a 7. I woke up right after Bruce was all, "SEE!! I am going to get kicked off tomorrow aren't I?!" and once I regained consciousness I thought "lolwat"
21st-Mar-2009 12:10 am(no subject)
hi kitty
I tend to have vivid, odd, dreams at times, a few nights ago I had a short one. I was in a house that was laid out much like my apartment, but bigger. Two people had come over, set up a tiny outdoor forge and were fitting my husband for a suit of armour. He was wearing bits and pieces of it, and talking to one of the guys about the fit and weight, the other was hammering on a piece (I think the breast or back plate) to adjust the fit. I was hoping it wouldn't take too long because we were going somewhere later. *shrugs* It all felt very normal and expected during the dream, and was so vivid I could smell the smoke from the forge.
So I rarely dream, and for once I had a vivid dream.

D and I kept sneaking into my old high school choir teachers home. He had a bitchen basement that looked like a library and we were looking for some important information, but would bolt when anyone would come because we did not want to get caught in there.

When ever we had to bolt, I would load my backpack with books and steal them. Damn, this info must have been pretty important.

So one night we were down in there flipping frantically through books, and as we went to bolt because as usual, someone was coming, we ran to a door way only to discover that the room was a giant catherdal, filled with cultist.

The only logical way to not get caught was for me to pretend to be a member of the cult, which was all female. They had a strange ritual where they professed their love for themselves, and then kissed another of the cult members and professed love for the sisterhood. So more or less, even though these chicks looked like they were a "cool scary" cult, it was more or less a damn sorority.

As I was trying to pass myself off as a member, a kind of tough scary looking cultist, asked me what section I was from and I made up some location. She bought it, and asked me to recited the vows, or whatever, and I told her I did not know them. I guess she still believed that I was actually a member and not some fraud because she guided me through them. After this, I was able to slip away, and D and I went upstairs to get out of there.

We got stopped by my teacher, who instead of being angry at us, was bitching about how he had to let the cult do their rituals in his basement because of some murder, that would get pinned on him if he didn't allow them access to his basement.

After that I woke up, when I went back to sleep I dreamt of nothing except recombinant viral DNA, and I THINK I was trying to figure out a way of for sure stopping avian flu from attacking humans at any point in the future by halting recombination in some way. I dream boring.

This is about as much excitement as I get. Usually I am solving math problems, or doing chemical synthesis, or just reciting over and over things I need to memorize for school. It must be why I can read stuff once or twice and remember it forever, I am repeating it all night in my dreams...
10th-Feb-2009 12:24 am(no subject)
Pro Life

My dreams are very vivid and generally lend them selves to narratives. So hopefully for your enjoyment...

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9th-Feb-2009 11:43 am - online_sleaze
drunk texting
Most of us who blog or have a page online receive sleazy/chat-up messages from time to time. This community I made is for reposting these messages so that we can all have a laugh at them or, if they're seriously bothering you, hopefully offer some advice. I'm working on a Little Book of online sleazy messages/chat-up lines and am looking for contributions to it, although I won't include anything without your permission.

Click on the picture below to enter and join!

4th-Feb-2009 07:49 am(no subject)
I had this dream about a year ago.  I don't think I really need any help with the interpretation as I think you'll see that I got a pretty good handle on the meaning.

I was in Auschwitz.  In my dream, I was being herded through a courtyard with hundreds of other malnourished skeletal looking people.  Everyone was bald and dressed in rags.  In my dream, I was walking through a courtyard where they were executing people by gunfire against a wall lined with bricks of human hair.

Everyone was sobbing as we were stripped nakid and forced into a room.  I looked up and saw that I was in some sort of shower/gas chamber.  Suddenly the gas started flowing into the room.  A little at first, then more and more.  I held my breath as long as I could.  I was hoping that I could hold my breath until I passed out and then I wouldn't feel the gas, but it was no use.  I started to panic when I realized that I could smell the gas.  It was getting thicker and thicker and I started to choke on it.  My choke reflex was so strong that I started to gag and choke in real life and woke myself up.
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1st-Feb-2009 09:24 pm - Let's get this show on the road!
my lips
The dream I'm about to post, I've only ever had once. But it's stayed with me ever since. One of my mates gave me an amateur interpretation, but I'd like to hear the voice of others before letting on what he said.

Warning: Creepy-as-fuck.

I'm standing in my backyard, in the middle of the night. It's not really my backyard, but it's one of those dreams where you know where you're supposed to be, it just looks different. Anyway, I'm facing what looks like an old, broken down train station. It's a termite eaten old shack, looks as though it's been burnt out.
In front of the shack is rusting railway tracks laid over cracking and splintering old sleepers. Hanging off the roof of the shack is a wooden sign with burnt edges, with the name of the station on it. Elanor666.
Behind me is black. Nothing at all. Just emptiness. Around the tracks and sleepers are tufts of dying grass, dirt and rocks.
I start to feel really uneasy and begin to follow the tracks to the left. I walk for what seems like forever until the tracks completely rust away and end. No sign on any tracks further on than where I'm standing. Just behind the tracks is a large pile, and it's all silver.
I approach the pile and realise it's all rocks wrapped in tinfoil. I start to pick pieces up and take the tinfoil, and to my horror, it's not rocks, it's fresh body parts and organs. I'm terrified but I keep unwrapping pieces frantically. About halfway into the pile I see a larger piece. I pick it up gently and unwrap it slowly. When it's unwrapped I find that it's a baby girl, naked, with black hair and blue eyes.
She starts to cry, I clutch her to my chest, and start to run away from the pile, away from the train tracks and into the dark.

Then I woke up in a cold sweat. Just retelling it makes me edgy. What. The. Fuck. That's a psych's playground right there. So, verdict?
1st-Feb-2009 03:05 am - Hello all!
This community is pretty flexable at this point. Did you have a weird sex dream about your mom? Were you being eaten alive by zombie animals? Did you fall face first into a pile of writhing sweaty cheesecakes?

Tell us about it! We love that shit.
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