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So last night...
I had a really crazy dream!
I wish my dreams were cooler...they are just...kind of stupid. 
8th-Mar-2009 06:01 pm
So I rarely dream, and for once I had a vivid dream.

D and I kept sneaking into my old high school choir teachers home. He had a bitchen basement that looked like a library and we were looking for some important information, but would bolt when anyone would come because we did not want to get caught in there.

When ever we had to bolt, I would load my backpack with books and steal them. Damn, this info must have been pretty important.

So one night we were down in there flipping frantically through books, and as we went to bolt because as usual, someone was coming, we ran to a door way only to discover that the room was a giant catherdal, filled with cultist.

The only logical way to not get caught was for me to pretend to be a member of the cult, which was all female. They had a strange ritual where they professed their love for themselves, and then kissed another of the cult members and professed love for the sisterhood. So more or less, even though these chicks looked like they were a "cool scary" cult, it was more or less a damn sorority.

As I was trying to pass myself off as a member, a kind of tough scary looking cultist, asked me what section I was from and I made up some location. She bought it, and asked me to recited the vows, or whatever, and I told her I did not know them. I guess she still believed that I was actually a member and not some fraud because she guided me through them. After this, I was able to slip away, and D and I went upstairs to get out of there.

We got stopped by my teacher, who instead of being angry at us, was bitching about how he had to let the cult do their rituals in his basement because of some murder, that would get pinned on him if he didn't allow them access to his basement.

After that I woke up, when I went back to sleep I dreamt of nothing except recombinant viral DNA, and I THINK I was trying to figure out a way of for sure stopping avian flu from attacking humans at any point in the future by halting recombination in some way. I dream boring.

This is about as much excitement as I get. Usually I am solving math problems, or doing chemical synthesis, or just reciting over and over things I need to memorize for school. It must be why I can read stuff once or twice and remember it forever, I am repeating it all night in my dreams...
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