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So last night...
I had a really crazy dream!
last night i had a dream.... I was Tyra Banks and I was in America's… 
2nd-Dec-2009 11:44 am
I hate you
last night i had a dream....

I was Tyra Banks and I was in America's Next Top Model as a contestant. I (here forth I and Tyra Banks are interchangeable lol) was in the final two against some other hussy but god damn it I was going to win.

The camera people made me get naked and lay in a bed with some kind of weird netting stuff on me. I'll admit that I looked pretty hot because I was, in fact, Tyra Banks. In my dream I (tyra) was trying really hard to pose in positions that would hide her stomach...because in my dream she had some chub on her. So they get me (tyra) all posed in the bed and leave the room saying that the photographer will be here soon.

After about an hour of dream time the photographer comes in and drops his pants and tells me (tyra) that if I want to win I have to blow him. Being the scandalous whore that I am, I do. I notice that his penis is oddly shaped with a big lumpy area in the middle and he can't seem to keep an erection. I start to wonder if my weiner sucking skillz are failing so i take a closer look at his junk.....and a giant tennis ball comes popping out of his pee hole.

that was it. that was my shitty dream. not that wtf but this place is dead.
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